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We need volunteers for Appalachian Festival for May 8,9,10. Check out the benefits.  Call Sandra at 513-251-3378. Be there.

May 8       12-1245 Spirit line Dance Teach

6-7     Sugarfoot

May 9        12-1  Spirit Of America

3-4   Queen City

4-5  Can’t Stop Cloggers

5-6   Hoosier Hodowners

May 10      1-2   Five Point Cloggers

3-4   Country Steppers

seifie-099.jpg      seifie-098.jpg      seifie-093.jpg      seifie-100.jpg                   seifie-096.jpg

Couple dance      Dancing Couple    Dancing Storm   Changing Partners        Getting Going

Applachian Festival was a big success. Thanks to all of you.

Here’s a Halloween Thriller

Thanks for the great demo at woolfest. Hope the rest of the day went well. The rain came in after we left.

The beginner class at the Knights hall be on the  21st on licking pike. This will be the day.

Thank you for the Demos we did.  Alexandria fair, Butler fair, and Taylor Mill Fest. The next big demo is Woolfest in Falmouth Ky Oct. 5 12 noon. Be there it is a blast

cloggers think about these dates September 7thButler Kentucky and September 15th Taylor millfestival Good clogging Sunday. It was awesome!!!

New Demos

sany0080.JPG                 We will be at the Alexandria Fair, September 1 At 6:00 pm  Be There. Also Woolfest October 5 at 12:00 in Falmouth, Ky St Marys in Alexandria Kentucky At 6:30.                                                                                                                                             Also look for  Octoberfest, Taylor Mill festival listings. sany0069.JPG

100_73831.JPG100_7394.JPG100_7393.JPG100_7390.JPG100_7388.JPG100_7387.JPG100_7386.JPG100_7385.JPG100_7384.JPG100_7383.JPG This is the group at cool Old Coney for  The Appalachian Festival 2013. The Spirit of American Cloggers taught four hours  of Line Dance and Clogging Instruction on Friday May 10  to the kids in the afternoon and to the adults that evening. On saturday we demo clogging to round  off the week end. Happy Mothers day for sunday and here are some pictures of the rest of the event. Our next  stop is Northern Kentucky Bookfest about the history of clogging. See you around      Ken    CLICK  ON JPG for pictures

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